Recent News

 * Ph.D candidate Hao Nan from Stanford University visited on October 21, 2016.    Read more

 * Prof. John Wright from Columbia University visited on August 17, 2016.    Read more

 * Prof. Thierry Blu from Chinese University of Hong Kong visited on April 6, 2016.    Read more

 *  Congratulations on receiving GlobalSIP'15 Best Paper Award.     Read more

 * Ph.D candidate Qing Qu from Columbia University visited on December 30, 2015.    Read more

 * Ph.D candidate Jie Ding from Harvard University visited on December 30, 2015.    Read more

 * Prof. Hamid Krim from North Carolina State University visited on December 7.    Read more

 * Ph.D candidate Jiantao Jiao from Stanford University visited on November 19.    Read more

 * Congratulate Xinyue Shen on winning National Scholarship.    Read more

 * Congratulations on receiving ChinaSIP'15 Best Presentation of Journal Paper.    Read more

 * Professor Yuejie Chi from the Ohio State University visited on June 26th, 2015.    Read more

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